Through our unique scoring system, Fraud Cloud empowers you to make the right decision about your online credit card transactions. Several criteria are sectioned, calculated against our proprietary algorithms, rated and then scored to provide your business with the knowledge required to detect and prevent online credit card fraud.

Globally, online credit card fraud in 2010 reached an estimated 2.7 billion* (US dollars). For most of the past decade, this number has steadily increased. Secure your online transactions today, with Fraud Cloud.
A service that allows web site owners to dynamically provide custom content based on the geographic location of the visitor to their web site.

Content management is paramount if the Internet is to evolve as the new medium for global commerce.™ is a powerful tool that enables web site owners to provide a unique experience for each visitor to their site. With the™ service, web site owners and content providers can display advertising, pricing and products relevant to the individual visiting their site.
4Locations - The Store Locator Service is specifically designed to assist companies that have multiple retail and/or office locations. The Store Locator Service automatically identifies the approximate location of where your visitor is surfing from and displays the store/office locations nearest to them. The user can also enter their zip/postal code for a more precise list of locations. is simple to use, with XML responses that are easy to integrate into any application and/or service. As an added feature, both US (zip codes) and CA (postal codes) support is provided at no extra cost. is a low cost alternative to postal/zip code lookup services, by excluding street level details. is specifically designed to assist companies with zip and/or postal code lookup services. The Zip Code Lookup Service identifies the country, state/province, city, latitude and longitude for a zip/postal code. Compared to competative services, provides a cost effective lookup service by eliminating street name delivery.

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